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White Christmas                  
Toby's Dinner Theatre | Columbia, MD                        


As an iconic dance musical, Choreographer Christen Svingos’ dance work is a superb fit for the show, particularly with all of the intensive tap-routines. The mega-dance routine— “I Love a Piano” features some of the most intricate and invested tap moves in the entire performance. There’s a marching-kick pinwheel that fans out into a spin-line and the whole routine is polished with finesse and flare. Svingos utilizes her dancing ensemble well, keeping them in step and in-sync with both the tempo of the music and the style of the time. There’s an overall joy felt in the dance routines and its infectious; makes you want to swing along and tap your toes in the audience.

-Theatre Bloom by Amanda N. Gunther

Memphis, the Musical                   
Toby's Dinner Theatre | Columbia, MD                        

Choreographer Christen Svingos gives the audience plenty of dance moves that will make you take notice. -MD Theatre Guide by Mark Beachy


Christen Svingos delivers the show of her career in Memphis with thrilling dance numbers that could easily hold their own against a true Broadway production. The routines are complex; intricately weaving acrobatics and rhythmic body gestures into each scene to attest to the liveliness of these characters and the style of music. Svingos not only develops these pulsating routines that are erupting with fully charged energy but she ensures that they are the epitome of precision, delivered in perfect synchronization by the ensemble at every turn.

-Theatre Bloom by Amanda N. Gunther

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West Side Story 
Summer Dinner Theatre | Montgomery College

Original Direction and Choreography by Jerome Robbins Director: Patrick Pearson Music Director: Todd Robinson Choreographer: Christen Svingos Douglass Associate Music Director: Matt Jacob Assistant Choreographer: Bryan Stopak Set Design: Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden Lighting Design: Lynn Joslin Sound Design: Ryan Hickey Costumes: Peter Zakutansky Props: R Scott Hengen Master Carpenter: Roger Bridges Stage Manager: Bryan Boyd

Magic Under Glass
World Premiere | CCTA

Choreographer Christen Svingos keeps the large cast on its toes in some upbeat and jazzy numbers, a brief respite from gloom and doom. ~ Carolyn Kellmen

During 2018’s summer production, LATV sent a film crew out to Maryland to record the behind-the-scenes journey of Magic Under Glass. The footage they captured is being produced into a mini TV series to be broadcasted by LATV on October 31, 2018 at 9pm EST.

In the Heights
Toby's Dinner Theatre | Columbia, MD

"The ensemble is absolutely stunning with superb choreography by Christen Svingos."-BWW Reviews by Charles Shubow


"Svingos' most impressive work occurs during the night club scene; an explosion of good natured chaos all wound up into fierce routines that set the mood for the epic conclusion to the first act" -D.C. Metro Theatre Arts by Amanda Gunther 


"The dancers and the numbers just kept on feeling fresh and sassy, blending urban, angluar explosive isolations with swaying Latin hips.  Big kudos go to Christen Svingos, choreographer, who featured the personalities and unique movement skills of each dancer." -D.C. Theatre Scene by Susan Galbraith

Toby's Dinner Theatre | Baltimore, MD


"This production is a powerhouse of ferocious dancing. Choreographer Christen Svingos really jams the energy into each of the big dance numbers, letting the talent of the cast ring through their movements. When that crazy bunch of kids crash through the doors of The Corny Collins Show you see just how crazy they are with Svingos talented execution of movement heavy dancing. They are swinging their arms around to create full figures upon the stage with heavy stomping beats as they dance. Svingos makes great use of filling the broad stage, each of the ensemble numbers, especially “Good Morning, Baltimore” and “You Can’t Stop The Beat,” giving the production a sense of being fully packed with people."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts by Amanda Gunther

"The real stars of the show, though, were the technical elements. Choreography by Christen Svingos was interesting and creative, while also conforming to expectations for the show."

-ShowBiz Radio by Jennifer Gusso


Rocky Horror Picture Show
Washington Savoyards | Washington, DC


"Director Jay D. Brock delivers the laugh-a-minute show and meets every traditional expectation with help from choreographer Christen Svingos...The dynamic duo (Magenta and Riff-Raff) hits their peak during the brilliantly choreographed ‘Time Warp’ and continue their creative momentum for the rest of the evening."  

-DC Metro Theatre Arts by Erica Laxson


Pajama Game

Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre | Montgomery, MD


The Pajama Game was strongest when the whole cast was onstage singing with their powerful voices an performing the tricky choreography by Christen Svingos in numbers like the huge opening “Racing with the Clock,” (that involved some great moves with swathes of fabric) and the classic “Hernando’s Hideaway,” which featured some impressive tango dancing.

-DC Metro Theatre Arts by Jessica Vaughan





"C" on a Cellular Level

Dance Educator's Collective 2016



Run to You

New York University's Masters Concert 2014




Stuff Like That There

Peridance Student Showcase 2013




Jason Robert Brown's "Steam Train"
Songs for a New World performed by:
Young Artists of America




Happy Ending

Donation Dance NYC's Summer Showcase 2014



Smokin' in the Boys Room
Donation Dance NYC's Summer Showcase 2014




Waiter's Rant
Donation Dance NYC's Summer Showcase 2014







**Video footage of my choreography performed by high school students is available upon request**

Joyful, Joyful





Meet the Mets Girls




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