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Catherine Ann Photography
Catherine Ann Photography
Brynne & Scott
Catherine Ann Photography
Catherine Ann Photography
Catherine Ann Photography
Catherine Ann Photography

Monica & Eli

Christen choreographed our first dance, which was a success, to Daft Punk's Get Lucky.  It was a blast working with her.  She was very patient with us, very clear, adjusted the dance steps accordingly if we weren't getting it, and made the steps very easy to remember.  It resulted in a fun, entertaining, dance that never felt like a chore whenever we would practice, and one we will always remember.  We still remember some moves and actually do it whenever we hear Get Lucky -- whether it be at a bar or store.  We highly recommend Christen!

~Monica Muis

Rachel & Jurrie

"Christen is so talented and wonderful to work with! She is a kind, enthusiastic, and patient teacher and can choreograph anything from a beginner's dance to very involved for those wanting something more difficult. She listened to our vision carefully, encouraged my somewhat anxious husband, and helped us perfectly choreograph an epic first dance with spins and even a lift! The look on everyone's face when they saw our dance will always be one of my favorite memories of our wedding. If I ever need another dance choreographed or a dance teacher for an event, she will be my go-to!!"

~Rachel Reinders

I could not recommend Christen more highly!!  My (now) husband and I have four left feet between the two of us, so we knew we needed dance lessons badly for our wedding first dance.  Christen was a pleasure to work with.  She is very easy to learn from and makes you feel comfortable with the steps you learn.  And on top of that, we had so much fun working with her.  Even though we were nervous about dancing in front of 120 wedding guests, we remembered what Christen taught us and our first dance was a success!  A huge thank you to Christen for the great lesson and for making our wedding day that much more memorable!  We strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!

~Brynne Colton

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