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"C" on a Cellular Level

"C" on a Cellular Level premiered at the 2nd Annual Dance Educator's Collective on April 2nd and 3rd. This piece, choreographed by Christen Svingos, depicts the growth of cancer cells and the effects they have on the body. Dancers include Yun-Tzu Chang, Paige Horton, Courtney May, Davida Peterson, Hala Shah, Meggi Sweeney Smith, and Christen Svingos. An interesting piece of music called ”Suite for Strings” by the Starlite Orchestra spoke to Christen. Yet most people are familiar with this piece of music from the movie "Psycho". The exquisite long black dress used to bind the lead dancer, cripple her movement, and portray the pain and struggle a cancer patient endures was conceived by Christen and created by Paige Horton. Svingos used the memories of her father fighting cancer to help drive the movement in this piece. Often people don't know what to say or how to act if their lives have not been touched by cancer. Christen says, "If you have never experienced it, you'll never REALLY know. I've had to welcome too many people to 'the club' a.k.a. losing a parent to cancer." She hopes that this piece will give people insight of the pain and struggle that cancer patients and their families suffer. Although this piece itself is quite dark, she hopes to create subsequent pieces showing the light that shines through the struggle of cancer in a full length production. All your friends and family need is your love and support. No words will make it better. If you know someone who is fighting for their life, just be present and celebrate each moment.

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