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White Christmas Open Now at Toby's Dinner Theatre! Don't miss this wintery mix of song and dance

November 5- January 9, 2022

Based on the beloved, timeless film! Two WWII veterans with a successful song-and-dance act follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters to their Christmas show at a rural Vermont lodge which happens to be owned by their old commander. They plan a yuletide fun-filled extravaganza to help fill the inn! Seventeen Irving Berlin tunes such as: “Blue Skies,” “How Deep is the Ocean” and “White Christmas” make this a family musical worthy of becoming a holiday tradition!

DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Mark Minnick’s stage pictures are only amplified by Christen Svingos’ full-on flashy choreography, including complex ensemble dance numbers in the round. I particularly appreciate the courting ritual vibe of “The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing” and the shimmering spectacle of “Blue Skies” - Megan Wills

Theatre Bloom

"As an iconic dance musical, Choreographer Christen Svingos’ dance work is a superb fit for the show, particularly with all of the intensive tap-routines. The mega-dance routine— “I Love a Piano” features some of the most intricate and invested tap moves in the entire performance. There’s a marching-kick pinwheel that fans out into a spin-line and the whole routine is polished with finesse and flare. Svingos utilizes her dancing ensemble (Quadry Brown, Brandon Bedore, Amanda Kaplan, Rachel Kemp Whittenberger, Alexis Kray, Patricia Targete, Brook Urquhart, AJ Whittenberger) well, keeping them in step and in-sync with both the tempo of the music and the style of the time. There’s an overall joy felt in the dance routines and its infectious; makes you want to swing along and tap your toes in the audience." -Amanda Gunther

Broadway World

"The song and dance ensemble, shiny and colorful as a dish of Christmas candy, creates a dazzling array of movement and expression, as choreographed by Christen Svingos, with an assist from posthumous celebrity Bob Fosse, the movie's uncredited choreographer. Selected iconic choreography is reproduced or referenced in this production, notably in "Sisters" and "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me." I'm particularly delighted, however, with the flashy non-Fosse tap choreography and costuming of "I Love A Piano," featuring David James, Alicia Osborn, and a prop I'm calling a grandbaby grand."


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